Protected Hearts Recovery Community
Protected Hearts Recovery Community

Welcome to Protected Hearts Recovery Community

Women's Love, Relationship, Fantasy & Pornography Addiction Recovery Community

About Us

Protected Hearts is a recovery network for women seeking their own healing through support, personal empowerment, meetings, leadership, and community with other women in recovery. All resources here are created or successfully used by women who have already found lasting, heart-deep change. Many recovery programs written by men and for men lack components women need. Because everything we do is focused on women's recovery through empowerment, you will not find us encouraging actions that further dis-empower or subjugate you. You will find female-only leadership, encouragement, empowerment, leadership opportunities, and responsibility-based compassion.

We pride ourselves on a foundation of mutual respect and compassion. If you find something missing, let us know. If you feel lonely, isolated, or invisible, please speak up. We've been where you are and want to help you find your own path out of unhealthy love, relationship, and sex-based patterns. The only way our community gets better is if we know what else you want.

As the Protected Hearts Leadership, you can trust us to guide you through the very same healing we have already found. That does not mean we will accommodate every request or that every idea will work within the community as a whole, but it does mean we want to hear you. We will treat you with respect and compassion while we ask you the same courtesy.

With Love, Lacy & Heather

Protected Hearts Founders

Why You Should Join Us

Unlike any other recovery community, Protected Hearts is focused on mindset shifts and tools meant to help you change your life for good. We are lead by women who have already found their way out of unhealthy relationship patterns, fantasy worlds, pornography addiction and emotional affairs.

We work diligently to provide a robust educational and support-based platform where you can share your struggles, challenges and find support. You have never been the only one hurting like you have, even when you felt like you were. Protected Hearts is here to prove you never need to feel alone again.

Gossip, bullying, degrading, or undermining others is not tolerated. Contention will not be allowed to grow. This is meant to be a safe space like no other and we will honor the trust you have placed in us. 

You matter. You are valuable beyond measure. You are loved.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for being part of the amazing, growing Protected Hearts Community! We love you and want to help however we can.

If you have not already, please head over to to request a FREE full-length download of Lacy's book, "Addicted to Love" as a special "thank you" recovery gift and to be added to the Protected Hearts email list with additional resources created just for you.